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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE AN ICE COLD DRINK OF WATER – not an overly decorated glass of iced tea or some delicately arranged concoction with umbrellas and fruits I’ve never heard of floating on top.  Nope.  Just give me some good, ole’ H2O.  And, I like snow. Lots of it.  And I love hearing the click of my shutter, knowing I’ve forever etched that single moment in time.  I AM A WIFE.  A MOTHER.  A PHOTOGRAPHER.  A GRAPHIC DESIGNER.  AND I LOVE TO CREATE!


I AM NOT A "BY-THE-BOOK" PHOTOGRAPHER. I’m all about YOUR STORY.  When you are thumbing through your wedding images and see Aunt Sally sporting a grin that is wider than her entire face, I want you to remember how glad you were that she took that 18-hour trek across country just to share in your special day and how grateful you were that I captured her smile.  


I AM A CONFESSED DOODLER.  As long as I can remember, I've LOVED "doodling."  I love clean lines and orderliness.  I fall somewhere between being extremely anal and an all-out hippie.  I am passionate about helping people see their dreams become realities.  Some of the most successful entrepreneurs and business owners have these mind-blowing missions, but no vision.  It is my goal to assist them in creating and communicating their vision. 


Thank you so much for visiting my website and don't forget to visit our online store!  Click on the "Creatives" tab and take a look around.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. In the meantime,  "ROCK YOUR OWN WORLD!"

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