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"Single Ladies! Are you Ready? I Mean, Really Ready?

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

"Don't play."

"Georgia," not her real name, was a very beautiful woman.

Georgia has the kind of beauty that smacks you right in the face when you meet here. Not one of us ladies could figure out why this buxom bombshell wasn't either dating, engaged, or married. We were simply flabbergasted that she was single! At first glance, she could have easily been mistaken for "an almost plus size" supermodel with her curvy, statuesque figure; her light caramel, flawless complexion; and that beautiful, coal black "good hair" that she could style anyway she pleased. She was so beautiful; but the sad truth was that no one thought Georgia was as beautiful as Georgia did.

I remember a group of us going out to enjoy a bite to eat. When we entered the building, there were mirrored walls on both sides of a long hallway. This was heaven for a girl like Georgia! She couldn't help but get lost in her reflection . . . so much so that she ran right into an ashtray that jutted out from the wall. Who does that? And because we were all following behind "America's Finest," her accident created a small pileup of angry women who couldn't help giggling at her level of self-absorption and conceitedness. I'm sure her hip was bruised for days, but not her ego. She limped onto the elevator with the rest of us, but still managed to catch a good long glimpse of her gorgeous self on both sides of the wall before the ride upwards.

As young women do, we often discussed children. In our varied group, there were those of us who already had children and those of us who were wishing for children at a later time in our lives. Now let me preface this by saying it's quite okay if you are a woman who does not want children. That doesn't make you a villain or any less of a woman by any means. God delicately crafted us, but neither of us is the same as the other. That would be absolutely boring. Now Georgia, she wanted children, but her standard was that while she was pregnant and after she had given birth, all the attention would belong to her . . . From rubbing her feet when she was pregnant, to forsaking all others but herself after the little bundle of joy arrived. She had to come first!

Ladies, if you are that desperate for attention, you're not ready for marriage.

My Pastor often says "No one gets out of marriage alive." In marriage, you must die to some things and one of those things is selfishness. There is no place for selfishness in marriage – not in a good marriage, anyway. If you're not willing to sacrifice a few hours of attention for the sake of someone else, there is no way you are willing to lay down your life for your husband's, to stay with him through richer or poorer, to love him in sickness or in health. Shoot! The minute he is stricken with the flu and can't conjure up enough strength to bring you breakfast in bed or compliment your new hairstyle, you'll be on your way out or looking for another man who will. Don't make that mistake. Don't do that to a man who's been faithfully fasting and praying for the right woman to come along for four and a half years; for that woman who would go through the financially slim times with him and hold him up when life was beating him down. No. Don't do that. Just stay single until you're ready and willing to give all that you are for a man who is willing to do the same.

Enjoy the single life a little longer. It's okay to be single. It really is. There's nothing wrong with the single life if that's what you want. Girl, ride that single life to the wheels fall off of it! Love every minute of it! But that selfish, self-absorbed thing? In the words of Elsa from Frozen, "Let it go, let it go . . . "

In the meantime, stay away form those mirrored walls; you might hurt somebody.

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