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"What About Our Date Nights?"

Whether you've been married seven months or seven years, carving out some time to spend with your partner is absolutely necessary. Get out of you normal routine and do something special with your forever love. It never has to be extravagant, but it must be intimate and selfless. These stolen moments strengthen relationships and marriages, adding a strength of fortitude and a warm fuzzy to your union.

Date nights were born for these very reasons!

Date nights add such levity and another dimension of friendship to marriages. But they can often be difficult to successfully accomplish especially if you have young children and, in our current situation, have to "shelter in place."

Today, I'd like you to meet our first guests: Peter and Faith Tarpeh. Peter and Faith are brand new YouTubers and have created a great new series entitled . . . well . . . : "Peter and Faith!"

Peter and Faith serve as Ministers within our local, southern Maryland church community. Among their several tasks, they oversee our Youth Ministry and have served excellently in this position. They are raising an amazing group of four young children, all of them five years of age and under, and yet they manage to take the time to date one another – even during these days of quarantine!

I want to give you the opportunity to learn how to steal away from the hustle and bustle of family and spend some much needed time with the love of your life. This hilarious video will show you, with a mixture of levity, creativity, and a big ole' dose of reality, how to do just that! At the end of the video, do yourself a favor and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

"You're very welcome . . . !"

I really do love marriage!

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