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I believe it was 1997 . . .


A young woman approached me during a conference and told me, in essence, that my hands were creatively blessed.  She compared me to the biblical Dorcas who was known for making things, especially clothing, for the needy.  I didn't run off and begin my empire then, nor did I trash everything she said.  I simply considered the matter.


Years later, I found myself creating media covers for sermon series, decorating product tables, taking graphic design classes, and dabbling in photography . . . AND ENJOYING IT.  God had even blessed me with a position with a wonderful company working in the graphic design field.  In the course of my tenure, the company began downsizing.  I began struggling. I believed I was supposed to start my own company, but I wasn't sure how to do it, and was probably a little fearful of actually doing it.  I prayed, "Lord, don't let me have to lose this job in order for me to start this company," and then came the invitation to my CEO's office.  I didn't think anything of the invitation at first.  I was pretty sure he just wanted to talk to me about another article I needed to write and layout in our magazine.  But one look at him and my director, and I knew this wasn't the case.  My CEO was very apologetic, praised me for my work, and even gave me a letter of recommendation as he announced that my position would be outsourced.


So, I cleaned out my desk, called my husband and drove home.  A few months later, I began Morgan 4 Design.  I wanted to do graphic design and incorporate a few other things into my business and this was as good a time to do it as any.  My name is Tracy Morgan.  There are four members in my immediate family.  So, the name Morgan 4 Design just seemed to fit.  So here I am, loving what I do and hoping you do, too!






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